Good Nutrition Needed for Good Sex

Most sex problems include loss of sex drive, lack of sex interest
(which may differ from the preceding), impotence, premature climax,
sterility, damage to the pelvic organs (which may inhibit pleasure and
encourage infections), inherent weaknesses in the sex system, diet-
or lifestyle-related fatigue, and various other problems.
Psychological sex problems fall into a special category.
But good diet and exercise are necessary even when counselling is the
primary means of correction.
Some problems may be primarily rooted in chemical or glandular
imbalance and may be completely corrected by diet and exercise.
When the food we eat lacks essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes,
and other nutrients, we become undernourished and subject to disease.
Likewise, sexual problems, whether physical or mental, result from
deficiencies–in knowledge, in attitude, in diet, in lifestyle. Once
we correct the deficiency, the problem takes care of itself.
This is Nature’s way.
Our bodies are made of food chemicals, and the energy we use is fueled
by food chemicals.
When some of these chemicals are lacking, certain parts of our bodies
may be incomplete, so they cannot perform the functions they were
designed to perform.
Since we get the chemicals we need from foods, we have to have a
variety of whole, pure, and natural foods to meet all the chemical
needs of the body.
We have to eat right, or our bodies will not work correctly.
Our sex lives depend on the structural integrity of several glands,
organs, and tissues of the body as well as on the availability of
sufficient energy to perform at its best.
Each of these parts of the sex system requires constant replenishing of
the nutrients it requires.
While the brain, nerves, and glands are fed by the same foods,
different tissues require different foods to function at peak
Thus, a variety of nutrients needed by different tissues requires a
variety of foods to supply those nutrients.
But suppose we were not getting the right foods to produce the sex
hormones our bodies needed? We would be in serious trouble as far as
our sex lives were concerned.
If you want to save your love life and make it more enjoyable, you need
to evaluate the food and drink that have become part of your lifestyle.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that adults
eat a healthy breakfast, drink 100 percent fruit juice and load their
diets with fruits and vegetables.
Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture have found that the
mineral boron is vital for hormone production and sexual function.
boron can be found in dark green leafy vegetables, fruits(not citrus),
nuts and legumes.
For a romantic twist, the caring couple can prepare their nutritious
meals together; not only will you boost your energy, but for many, the
act of food preparation itself can be a bonding experience.
You can kick it up a notch by using aphrodisiac spices like clove, vanilla,
ginger and saffron in your dishes.
Even the healthiest of meals cannot provide all of the 45-plus nutrients
that are needed in your diet to maintain good health.
These essential nutrients are divided into six categories–proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.
Even marginal deficiencies of one or more nutrients can interfere with
your good health.
Use as few drugs as possible. Ask your doctor if any of the prescription
drugs you have to take will affect your sex life.
Cut out or cut down on the use of alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee. As
much as possible, avoid sugary foods and drinks and fried, fatty foods. Cut back on milk and wheat
Substitute herbal teas for coffee and regular teas, juices for
commercial soft drinks. If you must use sweetener, use a little honey.
As adults, we must realize that good health is earned. It is something
we have to work for.
We can have a wonderful love life and wonderful sexual activity, but the
two must be built on a foundation of right living. We need to learn our
historical lessons and resolve to eat foods as whole, pure, and natural
as we can find them.
Sometimes the flame of love just dies, because we aren’t eating right.
The sex drive won’t run without the right fuel.