The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Top Sellers

Founded in 1981, the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) has long been considered as one of the leading producers of high quality coffee. The company is based in Vermont, and has been publicly traded since the year 1993. They even had sales that reached an excess of $137 million just for the fiscal year which had ended in September 2004.

The Green Mountain coffee is generally noted for its excellent taste and aroma. It comes in a number of varieties though, and each variety if highly valued by thousands of customers throughout Vermont and the world. The Green Mountain coffees are produced from the superior grades of coffee beans which are bought by the company from around the globe. The beans are roasted and vacuum packed to provide the public the finest and the freshest coffee products available.

Here are the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ top sellers:

Breakfast Blend: As the name implies, the Breakfast Blend is one of Green Mountain’s most popular coffee blends. According to some claims, this product has a rich taste with a medium level of acidity. It is part of the Green Mountain Coffee’s classic line and is produced from the blending of the crispy and citrusy Central American coffee and the sweet and full bodied Indonesian coffee.

Newman’s Special Blend: Available in K-Cup nowadays, this Green Mountain Coffee is noted for its full bodied blend of medium and dark roasts. The origin of this blend is actually Nell Newman’s preference for light roast and Pa’s preference for a coffee that is roasted dark. Placed together, this variety is the result. This product is deemed strong, yet refined and smooth.

National Wildlife Blend: Created in cooperation with the National Wildlife Federation, this Green Mountain coffee is a Fair Trade Organic product in which the sales are given to the Federation to help provide habitats for the songbirds and other wildlife. Just like the Newman’s Special Blend, this Green Mountain Coffee is currently made available in K-Cup form. Aside from that, the National Wildlife Blend is produced from the combination of the Fair Trade and Organic Central and South American coffees which are cultivated from the coffee farms owned by families. And, unlike the other Green Mountain varieties of coffee this blend is highly noted for its sweet finish and chocolate notes.

Vermont Country Blend: This product occupies the fourth place in the line of Green Mountain coffees. This is actually a combination of light and dark beans and is noted for its level of sweetness and for its being highly aromatic. The coffee beans used for this blend are basically light and dark American beans.

There are other varieties of coffee included in the list of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. You can choose your favorite coffees either based on their origin or the roasts style. You can even select from the decaf, flavored or regular coffees. The decision is yours.