This world has never had more healthy options than it does right now

Who’s up for some tea? I know the British are! Haa, that was a good one, right? As we all know from the media and contemporary film, the British are a bunch of tea-drinking fools. Okay, so maybe they’re not as foolish as the rest of us. We’re all chugging down coffee every day. That’s not healthy! Even if you don’t care for green tea information, you should at least know the scoop on java. Coffee is full of toxins and caffeine. Both of which are terrible for your body. That whole spiel someone gave you about coffee being healthy was bogus. I heard it too, and it doesn’t add up. Now, green tea and many herbal teas are quite different. This particular beverage has the ability to clean your kidneys. It flushes out the system in a sense. Many people drink green tea daily for its health benefits. Unlike coffee and soft drinks, it actually cleanses your insides. Note the fact that one beverage has herbs and the other has toxins. That should make things pretty clear.

I first acquired green tea information from a fellow student at Harvard University. Okay, so it wasn’t Harvard, but it was a University nonetheless. She told me how green tea had wonderful benefits regarding our immune systems. She also claimed that’s she’s never been sick since she started drinking it. How’s that for crucial green tea information? Have you had you cup of tea today?