Tips To Overcoming The Weight Loss Plateau

Have you ever had the happiest feeling that when you step into the weighing scale and your weight has dropped? Think about it! You appeared to drop ten to twelve pounds after several weeks of disciplined eating and working out. You continue with the routine and after two more weeks, you drop a few more pounds. But soon after, there isn’t any change in the weighing scale result – your weight did not increased but unfortunately did not drop as well. You wonder why this is so because you did maintain the same weight loss regimen, even adding more minutes into working out. So why didn’t you lose weight? This is what we call the weight loss plateau experience. It is the constant measure of your weight after weeks of trying to reduce it. Some people lose hope when they reach it, but in fact, the key here is never give up. Here are some tips to overcoming this stage of weight loss.
Remind yourself constantly. You can write some inspirational quotes about losing weight into your reminder board or stick it on your fridge, or by simply making a simple tag such as “you can do it! Or never give up!” into your wall in big bold letters. The key here is being motivated. If it is really your desires to lose weight than do it. Perseverance comes along with patience. Take control of yourself, otherwise, be disciplined. But that doesn’t mean you have to push yourself really hard. Just stop till your limit. Always think positive that is a psychological intervention. You are the master of your own mind.
Make a meal plan. You can make a meal plan for yourself after researching on which foods are effective to get off the weight loss plateau. It’s also high time to evaluate your food intake and maybe consult a dietitian to make you a suitable meal plan for life after the plateau. The dietitian will calculate your body mass index to design a plan for you to meet up you daily caloric needs. Follow the meal plan thoroughly for you to see good results. Discipline yourself not to add sweet foods when you shouldn’t. And always bear in mind to stick to that meal plan.
Do continue with your exercises. Don’t be disheartened and think of quitting on the exercise routines. The weight loss plateau is a prime gauge that you are on your way to achieving your weight loss goal. What you must do is continue with exercises, and maybe find new, interesting routines that would motivate you to go on even with the seemingly bleak weight loss plateau. In fact, exercise more than once a day like doing it in the morning perks up your circadian rhythm. Don’t stick to your after-work or early evening exercises. Later at night you will have good rest, for exercising in that time of day, improves sleep and diminishes stress. Simple exercise can be effective like walking for 15 minutes. But you should usually workout for an hour or two.
Indulge yourself in different activities. When the plateau hits you, do other stuff that would contribute to continuous fat-burning and shedding of pounds. You can dance your heart out, run in half marathons, bike or go rowing. Try something new that is somehow going to help you overcome the stagnant readings in the weighing scale. You can enroll in yoga or meditation classes, crash courses in cooking healthier snacks and meals, and do home chores that would help you sweat out. You could even engage in sports! Do some badminton, beach volleyball or basketball if you want. Sweating out and having fun is the main point.
Staying fit and having good contour isn’t enough. It is important to stay healthy. And let it be a constant reminder that you should do it not because you are compelled by others to do so, but because it is for yourself. Following these steps is not guaranteed to be hundred percent effective. But let me make you realize, that no one can put you down but yourself. And for you to be loved, you should first love yourself in every way.